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Terms & Conditions

The owner of this service is Webmasters Limited which owns the copyright to the website. The content on this website is either created/owned or licensed by Webmasters.These terms and conditions apply to the sale of sounds, graphics or software (subsequently referred to as the services) available on mobile.fijilive.com and designed for mobile phones to the customer, via a download platform. By using this site or using an SMS to send information to download services offered on this site or in the media, you accept these terms and conditions.

The conditions of use and pricing applicable to the service are as stated and advertised on this website and general media advertising from time to time.

Services are only available in Fiji at the moment and sent to the mobile phone number provided by the customer through a premium text message and wap gateway.

To receive a ringtone or graphic, the customer needs to have: a ringtone or graphics capable phone, be able to send a text message and have a valid mobile phone connection. This service may only be available where the carrier has network coverage.

Please make sure that your phone is capable of receiving ringtone and/or graphics prior to purchase. If a customer orders a ringtone or graphic and the receiving phone is not compatible, the customer will still be charged but the receiving phone will not be able to play the ringtone or display the graphic. The ringtone and/or graphic may also not be delivered if the receiving phone is switched off, the phone's memory is full, the phone is incompatible or the phone is outside the network area.

The customer must be of legal age to download and Webmasters cannot be held responsible for downloads made by customers who do not follow this instruction.

Download procedure
The customer has to select the service he or she requires, then select the code of the particular ringtone or graphics and send it to 4444 or 555. Once it has been confirmed that the customer has the required balance of funds in his/her account, the required service will be sent to the customer or recipient's mobile phone via SMS or via WAP.

The time taken to receive graphics, sounds and music or software could be up to 5 minutes depending on the network usage levels. There will be a 10-minute window to download the ringtone and/or graphic following which it will be automatically deleted, but the customer will still be charged.

Please note that each phone can only store a limited number of ringtones or graphics. If the customer purchase a ringtone or graphic and the receiving phone's memory does not have any available storage slots, the customer will still be charged for the download and one of the existing ringtones or graphics will need to be deleted in order to store the new item.

Webmasters or the operator cannot be held responsible if the customer has not respected these conditions.

Rights and Warranties
Webmasters grants the customer, or the owner of the mobile phone to which these services have been downloaded, a non-exclusive, non-transferrable licence for personal use of downloaded services. The copy or transfer of downloaded services for group or commercial use is not authorised.

These services are available for downloading on an "as is" basis, and access to them depends on the availability of the service without express or implied warranty on the part of Webmasters Limited. The customer takes full responsibility for risk of use and Webmasters does not guarantee that services will fully meet the customer's expectations. Webmasters will also not be held liable for any damage to the customer’s mobile phone or loss of data due to any risks such as viruses and/or defects. Under no circumstances shall Webmasters be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, third party or consequential damages resulting from the use of or the non-ability to use the services.

Any personal data collected by Webmasters Limited and/or the operator may be used, but the customer has the right to modify or delete their personal data which has been obtained by Webmasters Limited during the use of this service by sending an email to info@fijilive.com

All these provisions are subject to Fiji law and in the event of a dispute, the Fiji courts shall have sole jurisdiction.

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